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This is perfect for you if:

  • You're a business owner/coach/consultant but don't have a digital presence yet   .
  • You're transitioning from 9 to 5 to digital business, full time or as a side income.
  • You have digital presence but are looking to grow it significantly.
  • Or you have not been having success with current strategy and want to go back to your drawing board and reflect with this mini course. 

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Your host: Atalia Felicia.

With 15 years of experience in marketing and sales under my belt, in professional world and entrepreneurship online and offline, I will show you everything I know in the 5 days, so you can also start your digital business succesfully. 

We'll learn how to do this right so you will take correct actions from the get go. No more waiting, no more makig costly mistakes. It's going to be great, you don't want to miss this. If you want to know more, read my story. ​​​​​​​

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What we'll do together:

  • Day 1: Mindset, mindset, mindset. I will be spending 5 days with you, let's make sure we're in it to win it. We're not doing this challenge to waste your time, but we want action taken. To do that, we want to make sure we have the right mindest to succeed with our digital business venture.  

  • Day 2: Digital product/service and pricing. If you have a digital product in mind, we'll refine your ideas. If not, this is the time for you to come up with at least one. We'll be looking at how it'll be priced too. I get this question a lot, I'll be sharing you the secret to pricing. 


  • Day 3: Online presence set up. Website creation with content. If you want to do digital business, it's essential that you also have a website. This is to show people who you are. It serves as your address where people will go look for you.


  • Day 4: attract the right clients without being salesy. I know you might be allergic to the word sales, although if you're an entrepreneur you can't avoid this to grow your business. I will teach you how to do it in a way that people will appreciate what you do. Even with cold calls!


  • Day 5: you'll have the chance to ask me questions. Send me the questions in advance, I will reserve a time in my agenda to answer your questions live! 

What will happen during the 5 days:

You will learn all of the above, and I will close with answering your questions. This will be ongoing as we'll continue our conversations in a private Facebook group, where every one support each other and I provide a safe learning environment for everyone. 

How does that sound?

This is all for FREE. So much value, as I want you to start your business right. I can't take too many people at once, as you can imagine. So, reserve your seat. You will receive an email soon with more detailed information. Get ready for 2020.


Let's do this. 

"The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday's logic." Peter Drucker.  

5 Day Mini Course with Atalia Felicia.

Start your digital business #fromscratchtosuccess.